Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our First Miniature Crib

It was an incredible amount of fun designing and building this little crib for my miniature baby creations. It features removable bedding done in pink elephants including a bed skirt, cotton knit sheet, bumpers and comforter. The crib is made from hard wood and is very sturdy and has adorable wood burning accents. This set includes miniature baby #15 who is my first screamer. This little crying baby is an anatomically correct girl who is jointed at the shoulders and hips and has baked in black hair and measures 2 1/4 inches. Crib dimensions are approximately 5x3x4. Purchase this by emailing me at for $100.00 shipped in the USA! SOLD

Monday, November 22, 2010

New 1:12 scale doll house baby Mason on ebay!

A beautiful new baby boy, measuring just 2 1/4 inches, perfect to display in your doll house miniature nursery!

Friday, November 12, 2010

New 1:12 scale doll house baby available!

My FIRST miniature sculpt with OPEN eyes! This sweet little boy measures 1 7/8 inches and has blue eyes and ash blond hair. He has a full sculpted anatomically correct body and is jointed at the shoulders and hips. Shown in a darling bubble ropmer from our new Lilli P Couture collection! $45.00 shipped in the USA. SOLD


Lilli "P" Couture line from our Bonny Wee Bonnets collection. The Lilli "P" collection are hand knit designs made exclusively to fit miniatures in 1/12 scale and 1/6 scale or "rement" size dolls. All items are made from the most fantastic lace weight yarns including merino wool and cashmere all uniquely hand dyed by me and my little 9 year old son who has severe Cerebral Palsy making each tiny little outfit a One of a Kind creation! Look at an example of only one of these fabulous sets!

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